Beer reviews!!!!

Dogfish Head Craft Brewery
7% ABV
Seasonal (March-May)
This is an American IPA brewed with Apricots!
It's freakin' delicious....I'm a hops man myself and enjoy a bitter kick in beer. When tasting this, you first get a crisp yet bitter hop flavor, but then the aftertaste gets you tasting sweet sweet Apricots. This is a perfect Spring/Summer beer.

Williams Brothers Brewing Company
"Kelpie-Seaweed Ale"
4.4% ABV
An ancient Scottish Ale brewed with local (to Scotland) seaweed.
This is very dark, yet smooth and reminds you of the ocean (I can't fathom why...). This was tasty
and leaves my mouth thinking "What just happened in my mouth....what are these flavors...I can't figure them out?" This was the second time having this one and I have yet to come up with a description for it. I suggest you try it and let me know what you think.

Rogue Brewery
"Somer Orange Honey Ale"
Rogue is probably one of my favorite breweries, along with the likes of Stone Brewing Co. and Dogfish Head. These breweries never fail me, and again Rogue has made me like them even more. This awesome Summer ale was a lot lighter than I would have expected from Rogue, but that's most definitely not a bad thing. This is a great wheat beer with lots of fruity elements and a crisp refreshing taste...perfect for chillin' in the sun!

Southern Tier Brewing Company
"Imperial Extra Pale Ale"
8% ABV
So this brewery is new to me. We just started carrying their product at my work. This is the first one I tried from them....and let me tell you, it was like a sunshine flew into my mouth (what?) Yeah.....it had hints of super-hops, yet it was smooth and easily drinkable...ideal for BBQ's and whatnot.

Manly Men Beer Club Presents...
"Sea Smoke (Smoked Barleywine Ale)"
7.7% ABV
This was also a new item in at my work. I was sold on the name alone. Then they stepped in up with a Barleywine Ale....and then for an extra kick, lets make it smoked....WHAT?! This was made for me. Thick, dark, massive aroma, smoky flavor, yet smooth going down. Very well crafted and drinkable specialty ale. This would make a great fall beer.

Peak Organic Brewing Company
"Espresso Amber Ale"
7% ABV
This amber ale was brewed with Coffee By Design Coffee, a Maine local company dedicated to fair trade and organic practices. This was thick, rich, and creamy with heavy coffee/chocolate flavors. It wasn't too overpowering on your mouth-parts, and I'm also unsure on what the caffeine amount is in this. I drank it pretty late at night and had no problem going to bed not too long after consuming this delicious treat. Best part about this....it was less than $4! For a pint! Crazy.

PS-I was consuming some PBR when writing and posting this.

(soundtrack for this post- The Procussions station on last.fm...get into them fool!)

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TheCraftyOwl said...

Yummy beers! My favorite was the Dogfish head apricot....although I did not get to try the Rouge. You have to get it again so I can try it!